The Morey Corporation

A Legacy of Innovation for Good

A Legacy of Innovation for Good

The Morey Corporation: Building Partnership

At Morey, our most valuable resource will always be our people. Discover a place not just to do great work—but where you can truly grow and belong.

The Morey Corporation: Building Partnership

Morey brings more than 20 years of experience in telematics technology to the table, making us a veteran in IoT and the evolving electronics market. We’re experts in OEM technology solutions, wireless device services, and technology commercialization consulting, and have helped launch products for industry leaders including Caterpillar, Herc, Navistar, Verizon, Gauge Telematics, Temeda, and EquipmentShare. 


Here are some of the team members responsible for “Bringing Connection To Life” at Morey. 

Dana Morey


Part of the third generation of family leadership, Dana passionately lives out Morey’s purpose of enriching people’s lives. Through his leadership—he inspires the commitment and excellence we bring to the companies we serve, the utility and quality of the products that we manufacture, and the integrity and kindness we show to the community of people that we work with and the larger community of those we serve. Dana has led Morey in hundreds of philanthropic projects that include feeding programs in Mexico, building homes in Africa, and orphanages for homeless children in India, Africa, Mexico, and the former Soviet Union.


“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13

“The man who says it can’t be done is likely to be interrupted by somebody doing it.”


Ryne DeBoer


Having served and partnered with some of the world’s greatest companies in nearly every major market—from Fortune 50s to unicorn startups—Ryne brings a passionate focus on vision, innovation, strategy and customer success to Morey. His “Design Your Life” approach informs every decision he makes; believing that through intentional decision-making everyone can unlock their ultimate purpose.

A huge family man, Ryne loves living life’s greatest adventures with his wife and two kids—traveling and experiencing all the world has to offer.


“You’ve got to start with the customer experience and work backward to the technology.“

-Steve Jobs

Mike Moran

Vice President

With over 25 years of experience leading technology innovation and solutions development, Mike brings a clear understanding of the trends and evolving needs in the IoT market to Morey. Committed to the continuous pursuit of innovation through cutting-edge technology, he oversees custom IoT/product development, R&D, strategic marketing, and forward-looking innovation for new growth markets and technologies.

A holder of multiple patents and avid musician, Mike’s many hobbies and pursuits include music production, photography, sports, automobiles and reading.


“All things are possible if you believe.”

Lisa Grek


Lisa serves as a strategic business partner to each department, helping to nurture and protect Morey’s greatest asset—our people. A balanced and objective leader, she ensures all employees enjoy a safe, healthy, productive work environment that fosters equitable treatment, behaviors and practices.

When she’s not wearing multiple hats (employee relations, benefits & payroll, compliance) or helping the company successfully navigate a global pandemic, you can find her volunteering as a dog adoption counselor or enjoying the company of her beloved German Shepherd, Chase.


“Life is short; buy the shoes!”


At Morey, our most valuable resource will always be our people. Discover a place not just to do great work—but where you can truly grow and belong. Explore open positions and start your journey with Morey.


Morey brings smart, connected solutions to life through collaborative design, world-class production, and off-the-shelf hardware platforms. To learn more about partnering with us for your fleet management solutionruggedized and capable iot-technology then contact us today. If you are interested in

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Morey’s blog posts are intended to provide information and encourage discussion on topics of interest to the telematics community at large. Therefore, Morey is not providing technical, professional or legal advice through these blog posts, and the readers should not rely on the information therein for such purposes. Information in the blog posts may be timely, topical, and accurate, however, it is for discussion purposes only, to encourage the furtherance of thought leadership and exchange of forward-looking ideas within the industry.

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Smarter connection with a click

Discover what a partner in IoT can do for your business.

Discover what a partner in IoT can do for your business.

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