Morey implements EOS—the Entrepreneurial Operating System

By Noel Birkey

Morey is excited to announce our official adoption and integration of the Entrepreneurial Operating System—a set of practical guidelines and strategies that have been used to help countless organizations gain vision and traction. Looking ahead to a new decade, we knew that re-establishing our core purpose and plan would be key to our continued success in bringing connection to life for our partners. And to that end, EOS provides us with the framework and tools needed to grow and thrive as we chart our course.

What does this mean for you—our partners, customers, and suppliers? Our commitment to you is unwavering; in fact, we are simply doubling down on that commitment. Our integration of EOS allows us to serve you more effectively, efficiently and collaboratively. It also gives us greater clarity into our strategic alignments, ensuring that the goals we are all chasing together are the right ones. Our devotion to empowering our partners through transformative technology has never been stronger. With EOS, we are honing and strengthening that devotion.

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