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A Legacy of Innovation for Good

A Legacy of Innovation for Good

What We Do

Harnessing IoT Technology

Harnessing IoT Technology

For the past 20+ years we’ve invested specifically in the technology needed to connect assets and integrate within the Internet of Things—providing businesses with the data they need to create strategic growth.​ ​From telematics and sensors to tracking devices and software, our mission is to design products & solutions that enable transformative connections, for enterprises and people alike.

Our Story

3 Generations Of Family Leadership

Harnessing IoT Technology

For almost a century, Morey has been designing and producing high-quality connectivity solutions. What began with switchboard technology and radio test sets for both civilian and military applications expanded into electronics contract manufacturing in a 200,000 square foot facility by the early 2000s. Today, Morey aligns itself with leading tech innovators to bring connection to life through turnkey IoT products & solutions.

Morey continues to hold to the same values it did in 1934 when William Morey began the company in his basement. We champion honest, open communication and collaboration. We take ownership of the work we do. We are committed to world-class quality for everyone. Morey constantly strives to develop the ideal smart, connected solutions for our partners. We believe in providing technology that benefits the world. Together, we can leave a legacy of innovation for good.

Our Focus



To lead the development of IoT products & solutions through collaborative partnerships and leave a legacy of innovation for good.



We empower technology innovators to establish powerful connections with their customers & assets through turnkey IoT products & solutions.


Commit to Honor

We bring real value to our people, partners and peers through the character with which we conduct ourselves.

Own It

We approach our work through a lens of ownership—in accountability, growth and excellence.

Value Each Other

We commit to affirming the inherent value in each other through communication, collaboration, encouragement and community.

Embrace Creativity

We learn from our mistakes and take inspiration from our successes to continually experiment and push the boundaries of what is possible.

Build Partnerships

We look to form bonds that last through the next decade and beyond instead of simply focusing on the next month or year.

Our Team

Meet Our Leadership Team

Our Leadership Team


Dana Morey

Part of the third-generation of family leadership, Dana passionately lives out Morey’s purpose of enriching people’s lives. Through his leadership—he inspires the commitment and excellence we bring to the companies we serve, the utility and quality of the products that we manufacture and the integrity and kindness we show to the community of people that we work with and the larger community of those we serve.

Dana has led Morey in hundreds of philanthropic projects that include feeding programs in Mexico, building homes in Africa and orphanages for homeless children in India, Africa, Mexico and the former Soviet Union.


Ryne DeBoer

Having served and partnered with some of the world’s greatest companies in nearly every major market—from Fortune 50s to unicorn startups—Ryne brings a passionate focus on vision, innovation, strategy and customer success to Morey. His “Design Your Life” approach informs every decision he makes; believing that through intentional decision-making everyone can unlock their ultimate purpose.

A huge family man, Ryne loves living life’s greatest adventures with his wife and two kids—traveling and experiencing all the world has to offer.

Vice President

Mike Moran

With over 25 years of experience leading technology innovation and solutions development, Mike brings a clear understanding of the trends and evolving needs in the IoT market to Morey. Committed to the continuous pursuit of innovation through cutting-edge technology, he oversees custom IoT/product development, R&D, strategic marketing, and forward-looking innovation for new growth markets and technologies.

A holder of multiple patents and avid musician, Mike’s many hobbies and pursuits include music production, photography, sports, automobiles and reading.

General Counsel

Brian Reilly

With 39 years in business and a wide range of managerial, leadership and legal experiences—Brian develops creative legal solutions to enable Morey’s strategic growth plans. While Brian’s pinnacle business achievements have centered around closing complex M&A or real estate transactions in tight time frames, his legal and business initiatives at Morey ensure we uphold our reputation for product and service quality, continuing innovation, and fairness and compliance in our valuable relationships with our customers, suppliers and community.

Brian’s family and faith continue to be the source of his inspiration and the focus of his time and treasures. His wife, Lynn, and three adult daughters keep him well-versed, well-dressed, and well-blessed. To strike up a lively conversation with Brian, just talk “picks”—the art of setting one on a basketball court or strumming with one on his vintage guitar collection!


Vince Petrella

A seasoned financial and operations executive, Vince boasts 35 years of expertise spanning manufacturing, technology, financial services, and real estate. His unwavering dedication to operational excellence and continuous improvement, combined with his deep understanding of customers, fosters a winning organization and culture at Morey. With previous roles as President of Morey, VP of Finance & Administration at ThoughtWorks, Inc., and Treasurer and VP of Administration at New Era Funding Corporation, Vince brings invaluable financial and operational guidance to Morey’s executive team and the entire organization.

Upholding a strong set of personal values, Vince believes in honoring God, respecting others, and cherishing family above all else. When not immersed in his work, Vince enjoys cooking, camping, surfing, and playing guitar, always seeking adventure and new experiences.

Build a Career With Us

Build a Career With Us

At Morey, our most valuable resource will always be our people. Discover a place not just to do great work—but where you can truly grow and belong.

At Morey, our most valuable resource will always be our people. Discover a place not just to do great work—but where you can truly grow and belong.

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