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We are hiring General Assemblers in Woodridge. 
  • First Shift - 6:00am – 2:30pm, $17.00/per hour
  • Second Shift – 2:15pm – 11:45pm, $18.00/per hour
  • Third Shift - 10:00pm - 6:30am, $19.00/per hour
Download and complete THIS DOCUMENT, then attach the completed version to the employment application below or email it to us at 
No experience necessary! We will train you!
Join our growing team!
Career advancement potential in an electronics manufacturing environment!
Perform PCB electronic and mechanical assembly in a fast paced, clean, climate-controlled environment. Ability to follow quality standards and reliability a must.
Overtime potential weekly.

The Senior Test Engineer applies standard and advanced test engineering techniques, procedures and skill sets to bring new products to production with quality and ensure production goals can be realized. They work to continually improve test processes and manufacturing test systems and develop clear and specific objectives for given assignments that may require investigation of several alternative solutions. The senior test engineer identifies and implements test process changes to detect manufacturing issues, improve test system reliability and minimize test time.  At Morey, we lead by example and always practice the values of the organization – commit to honor, embrace creativity, build partnerships, value each other and own it.

Essential Functions

  • Quote, design, and develop manufacturing test solutions for new product introduction, provide support for existing products
  • Develop software (C#, C, and NI TestStand) to control test instruments and units under test in order to meet product test requirements
  • Demonstrate the ability to develop hardware and software for production test solutions
  • Interpret MySQL database schema and writing database queries 
  • Collaborate with Production Engineers and Supervisors to integrate test systems into the production process
  • Ability to identify, assess, and resolve hardware and software issues
  • Support Root Cause Analysis of field return issues and implement additional test coverage as needed


  • Experience working with vehicle communication bus protocols (i.e. CAN, LIN, J1939)
  • Experience developing tests for RF devices (i.e. Cellular, GPS, Bluetooth, WiFi)
  • Demonstrate working knowledge of MSA, 6σ, SPC, root cause analysis, and lean manufacturing, and general PC skills to include Microsoft Office, G Suite (Google Apps).
  • Proficient in Microsoft Excel
  • Decision Making and Problem Solving: able to take action in solving problems while exhibiting judgment and a realistic understanding of issues; able to use reason, even when dealing with emotional topics.
  • Leadership and Teamwork: able to complete projects by facilitating effective teamwork and working with coworkers to understand and continuously improve processes.
  • Professionalism: able to maintain professionalism while dealing with frequent change, delays, multiple customers and different departments.
  • Commitment to Tasks: able to start and persist with specific courses of action while exhibiting high motivation and urgency.
  • Require the ability to effectively communicate, both in writing and verbally, with people of various educational and technical backgrounds.

The Senior Software Development Engineer actively engages in every phase of the project throughout its lifecycle.  This role requires the engineer to create flexible designs targeted to various embedded software systems, create modular code with an emphasis of reusability, executing software-level unit testing, developing effective documentation, leading software troubleshooting efforts, and engaging in small research activities as needed.  This position may require evaluation of new technology.  C Programming Language is essential for this position.  At Morey, we lead by example and always practice the values of the organization – commit to honor, embrace creativity, build partnerships, value each other and own it.

Essential Functions:

  • C programming knowledge and the ability to create embedded software applications for microcontrollers and microprocessors.  Including writing programs for RTOS (FreeRTOS, OpenRTOS or similar) and embedded OS’s (Linux).
  • Lead Firmware architecture and design activities for multiple programs.  Including the ability to create intuitive documentation to highlight the software design.  Strong working knowledge of modular programming is desirable.
  • Assist in the development of product requirements for new and existing products.
  • Capable of adapting new technologies based on industry and market demand.
  • Develop software for Hardware and Manufacturing support activities for new product development.
  • Assist in software used for assembly of prototypes, quick builds, samples and pilot production runs.


  • Knowledge of encryption (TLS, SSL, Secure Boot, Trusted Platform Modules (TPM), Security Certificate Management, AES, Encryption at rest, etc.)
  • Strong background in Telematics applications with a focus on wireless technologies (Cellular Modems, GPS, Bluetooth including LE and Bluetooth 5, Internal Battery Management).
  • Knowledge of Vehicle Communication Technology (CAN, J1939, ISO 14229, UDS, CANopen, ISO 11992-2).
  • Knowledge of Networking Communications both wired (USB, Ethernet, etc.) and wireless (802.15.4, 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, etc.) including UDP, TCP, HTTP, FTP, HTTPs, MQTT, CoAP, etc.
  • Knowledge of AWS, Azure and Google IoT cloud platforms and related IoT services such as security, device registration, message brokers, device management and rules engines.
  • Experience developing in Windows and Linux software environments with tools similar to Eclipse.
  • Experience developing automated testing and/or application automated deployment scripting to support regression testing and software releases.
  • Familiarity working with Software Configuration Management and Continuous Integration tools.
  • Working knowledge of developing software on desktop PCs or servers to aid in the development process. 
  • Experience working in Agile development methodologies.
  • Capable of performing electronic circuit analysis.
  • Understanding and experience developing Android/iOS applications.
  • Familiar with formal code and design review processes and techniques.
  • Experience with formal unit testing strategies to insure appropriate software test coverage.


The Senior Hardware Development Engineer actively engages in every phase of the project throughout its lifecycle. The central activities of this role require the engineer to be responsible for FPGA architecture and technology analysis, design, implementation, simulation, synthesis, timing analysis and on target verification. This role will also require the engineer to lead or contribute to schematic capture and test plan development/execution activities, in order to create and sustain reliable hardware products. Depending on the program needs, this position may require PCB layout and assembly oversight.  At Morey, we lead by example and always practice the values of the organization – commit to honor, embrace creativity, build partnerships, value each other and own it.

Essential Functions:

  • Architect and implement new FPGA applications from the ground up, including HDL design, simulation, synthesis, place & route, static timing analysis, on-target testing, etc.
  • Research and evaluate cutting-edge FPGA hardware and technologies.
  • Lead, and when necessary provide coordination of, hardware architecture, design, implementation and verification tasks towards the development of IoT intelligent edge device solutions.
  • Evaluate client product specifications, work with clients to resolve specification concerns, and design/implement products to these requirements.
  • Conduct circuit design, simulation, analysis and verification.
  • Conduct circuit and product risk assessment.
  • Develop BOM, product costing and when required, manage PCBA build.
  • Create validation plans for devices, and lead risk assessment for manufacturing.
  • Design for manufacturability of high volume products.
  • Execute process for product failure communication, identification, and resolution.

Desired Attributes:

  • Highly autonomous individual, able to lead hardware and FPGA-based projects from system requirements through production.
  • Strong FPGA design skills including pipelining, algorithms, switching/routing, RTL design/implementation, synthesis, place & route , static timing analysis, and verification, with the capacity to quickly evaluate FPGAs and FPGA cores based on product requirements.
  • Experience with the design of system-on-chip (SOC) architectures, DDR memory & multi-core processor subsystems, networking, and peripheral interconnects.
  • Strong background in hardware design with a focus on high-speed multi-core  microprocessors, queuing, buffers and complex memory structures, IoT, sensor interfaces, wireless technologies (Cellular Modems, GPS, Bluetooth including LE and Bluetooth 5), vehicle communication technologies and networking communications, both wired (USB, Ethernet, etc.) and wireless (802.15.4, 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, etc.) including UDP, TCP, HTTP, FTP, etc.
  • Experience resolving complex technical issues with customers and external test labs.
  • Experience developing automated testing and/or scripting to support manufacturing and certification testing.
  • Experience developing low-level basic C-language code or scripts used to verify the hardware.

The manufacturing engineer is responsible for the application of standard and advanced manufacturing and quality techniques, procedures, and work instructions. The manufacturing engineer must continually improve processes and/or manufacturing systems and work independently to develop clear and specific objectives for given assignments that may require the investigation of several alternative solutions. This includes developing thoughts and ideas into engineered solutions with approval from the engineering manager, quality, and other engineers. The manufacturing engineer effectively participates in a team setting to achieve results and leads mid to large-sized projects, trains other engineers and technicians in the use of sound engineering practices and shares responsibility for the day-to-day operation. The manufacturing engineer is required to identify and implement process changes to improve yields, reduce costs, improve runtime, reduce downtime, and improve quality for all products. The manufacturing engineer coordinates the development of manufacturing processes using a standardized process development methodology.


Job Duties

  • Internal and external qualification of new processes, including time studies, line balancing, 6S, and labor estimation.
  • Accountable for programming and troubleshooting of equipment software.
  • Interface between production, quality, and design to establish robust and defect-free production processes, tooling, and equipment through corrective action and continuous improvement.
  • Work cross-functionally with the design engineering department or customer representatives to provide product input in terms of design for manufacturability (DFM)
  • Provide technical and analytical support for all customers and suppliers associated with products and processes.
  • Analyze process performance data and use production personnel input to drive process improvements and change.
  • Perform root cause analysis of day-to-day issues associated with the manufacturing departments.
  • Act as the primary interface for the disposition of process and/or product defects.
  • Lead project and project teams to implement changes necessary for quality improvement, cost reduction, and new processes.
  • Develop documentation and train production personnel on new processes and procedures.
  • Evaluate, plan, execute, and document all major changes to the process.
  • Evaluate equipment through DOE and capability testing.
  • Maintain SPC, charting of manufacturing processes, and identify and correct process & machine problems with the aid of operators/technicians.
  • Assist maintenance in developing PM procedures.
  • Keep production supervisors, technicians, and operators up to date on important process activities.
  • Communicate regularly regarding safety hazards and issues, suggest and compose procedural changes, and maintain a clean, safe, work environment.
  • Ensure all processes are accurately defined and maintained using IATF 16949 and ISO 9001 methodology and documentation.
  • Use lean manufacturing practices to eliminate waste and improve product flow.
  • Conduct ROI calculations on new equipment investments.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.


Qualifications and Education

  • Bachelor’s degree in engineering, mechanical or electrical engineering strongly preferred.
  • A minimum of 5 years of relevant experience is required.
    • Electronics or PCBA manufacturing preferred.
    • Wave and/or selective solder experience preferred.
  • Excellent mechanical and mathematical skills are required.
  • Project planning experience is preferred.
  • Basic statistical and/or process control techniques required.
  • Technical drawing and modeling skills are a plus, AutoCA.D or Creo preferred.
  • Ability to read electrical and pneumatic diagrams
  • Light programming experience in databases and/or Excel macros is a plus.
  • Demonstrate knowledge use of Six Sigma, SPC, FMEA, root cause analysis and lean manufacturing.
  • Strong, systemic, problem-solving, and troubleshooting skills are required.
  • Lead and complete projects by facilitating effective teamwork and empowering employees to understand, own, and control the process.
  • Define and prioritize realistic, specific, goals and objectives.
  • Maintain professionalism while dealing with frequent changes, delays, unexpected events, or time demands.
  • Effectively communicate, both in writing and verbally, with people of various educational and technical backgrounds.


The senior validation engineer has oversight and responsibility for product validation testing. This senior validation engineer provides guidance on the creation of appropriate tests for the automotive, construction, and agriculture industries. The senior validation engineer must be an expert on validation, act as a liaison between the test lab and the engineering solutions group, and be a primary point of contact to guide the full validation process and coordinate and execute thermal, mechanical, electrical, and electromagnetic tests, among others.


Essential Functions:

  • Provide day-to-day supervision and coordination to validation.
  • Interface between the engineering solutions group and the external test lab.
  • Provide tracking and detail reporting status on project validation.
  • Execute process for product failure communication, identification and resolution.
  • Request and analyze quotes for external test labs services.
  • Coordinate validation activities based on a development schedule.
  • Identify necessary tools to complete the job.
  • Take actions in solving testing and setup problems through analysis and evaluation of alternate solutions.
  • Gather test samples from manufacturing and ship them to the external labs.
  • Create test plans according to the product development schedule.
  • Create procedures to guide the execution of tests.
  • Organize and maintain validation test results documentation.
  • Design test bench setup, including cables and harnesses.
  • Define requirements for the test application software and bench setup.
  • Perform tests according to the in-house tool capabilities.
  • Create test reports with the results of the tests.
  • Identify deviations from process standards and provide recommendations.
  • Assist in training equipment operators and other staff members.
  • Periodically check validation test equipment.
  • Participate in internal or external training programs to maintain and grow knowledge in the field.



  • Attention to detail to document test procedures and provide instructions.
  • Experience working through complex technical issues with customers and external test labs.
  • Experience operating typical validation equipment (temperature chambers, vibration tables, anechoic chambers, EMC equipment, etc.)
  • Knowledge of experience testing RF signals (GPS, GSM/EDGE, LTE).
  • Experience designing test harnesses and fixtures for test setup.
  • Strong understanding on statistical determination of mean time to failure and calculation of sample size, etc.
  • Strong team collaboration skills to coordinate the work with internal and external testers.
  • Strong time management skills to determine the correct pace in which the activities are performed.
  • Strong analytical skills.


The functional verification engineer is responsible for functional testing and verification of embedded systems. The functional engineer supports administrative tasks related to the IT&V process and leads an IT&V team when required. At the same time, the functional engineer performs product requirements analysis, creation and execution of functional test procedures, design of bench set up, development of test automation, and troubleshooting of product functional issues.


Essential Functions:

  • Coordinate independent test & verification efforts of internal or external teams, based on customer/project needs.
  • Coordinate the development, updating, and managing of test documentation.
  • Coordinate the manual and automated execution of embedded software test cases.
  • Execute all the test duties following the Morey IT&V process.
  • Execute bench and vehicle or field testing.
  • Support test execution on customer locations when required.
  • Use, develop, and implement hardware or software tools during the product development cycle.
  • Pursue product robustness through the improvement of test processes, simulation, methodologies and tools.
  • Document, follow up and test of software issues submitted by the engineering team.
  • Ensure full compliance of product functional requirements.
  • Perform analysis of product requirements.
  • Develop and recommend policies and strategies to manage and to support future customer requirements.
  • Participate in product development design
  • Interact with other disciplines, such as program manager, technical managers and the development group in the design and development of projects.
  • Collaborate with different engineering departments during the product life cycle on-site and remotely: systems engineering, electrical engineering, software engineering, mechanical engineering, manufacturing engineering, and validation engineering, among others.


Desired Attributes:

  • 3-5 years of experience leading test teams.
  • 3-5 years on testing wireless, IOT and automotive embedded software products.
  • Experience with Vehicle Bus Protocol simulators such as Canalyzer, Saint2, DPA5 or similar.
  • Experience designing and executing functional tests on OBDII and J-BUS communication protocols.
  • Experience on testing automotive telematics devices for tracking or monitoring applications.
  • Experience designing and executing functional tests on GPS enabled devices, in real and simulated environments.
  • Experience designing and executing functional tests on data link over cellular communication (4G, LTE, LTE-M) enabled devices.
  • Experience on testing wireless technology such as Bluetooth, wi-fi, others.
  • Experience testing OTA (Over the Air) programming.


Required Education and Experience 

  • BS EE/CE/Electronics or similar technical degree or equivalent work experience.
  • 3-5 years of experience as an independent test and verification engineer, test engineer, embedded software engineer or systems engineer responsible for designing, executing and maintaining manual and automated test systems.
  • Knowledge and experience in product design and development processes.
  • Experience in black-box testing techniques such as, component testing, component integration testing, system testing, system integration testing, confirmation testing and regression testing for product verification.
  • Strong problem solving, analysis, and troubleshooting skills.
  • Understanding of general hardware and software product designs.
  • Experience working on project development methodologies such as Agile and Waterfall, among others.
  • Experience on general lab equipment.
  • Leadership and teamwork skills.


Other Duties

This job description is not designed to cover or contain a comprehensive listing of activities, duties or responsibilities that are required of the employee for this job. Duties, responsibilities and activities may change at any time with or without notice.


The Role:

The General Interest position is designed for individuals who are passionate about making an impact but may not find a current open role that fits their unique skill set. We are looking for versatile talent who are humble, hungry, and smart—individuals who embody our core values and are eager to contribute to our mission in innovative and meaningful ways.


What We're Looking For:

  • A passion for technology and innovation, particularly in the IoT space.
  • A collaborative spirit, ready to work with teams across various departments to contribute to projects that empower our partners.
  • Strong problem-solving skills, with a creative approach to overcoming challenges.
  • Excellent communication skills, embodying our commitment to honesty, openness, and transparency.
  • A self-starter attitude, with a willingness to take ownership of your work and drive projects forward.
  • An entrepreneurial spirit, with a readiness to take ownership of your work and contribute meaningfully to our mission.
  • No specific background or industry experience is required; we value diversity in experiences and perspectives.
  • Eagerness to learn and grow within a dynamic industry and a willingness to embrace change and uncertainty with a positive attitude.


What We Offer:

  • Comprehensive Benefits: A robust package to ensure the well-being of our employees and their families.
  • Competitive Pay: Compensation that reflects the value we place on your contributions.
  • A Culture of Growth and Belonging: A work environment where you can grow, belong, and contribute to a legacy of innovation for good.


How to Apply:

If you are driven by innovation and the desire to contribute to a world-class organization, we want to hear from you. Please submit your resume through the form below, selecting "General Interest" as the role you're applying for. We encourage you to share your unique experiences, projects, and the skills you bring to the table that align with Morey's mission and values.


For any further questions or inquiries about the application process, please reach out to We look forward to discovering how you might become an integral part of Morey's continued legacy of innovation for good.


Join Us:

At Morey, our purpose is enriching people's lives through connectivity. We believe in building collaborative partnerships that empower our partners through the development of quality products, scalable technology, and connected ecosystems. If you're ready to be part of something bigger and help shape the future of technology, we invite you to apply.


About Morey:

For over 85 years, Morey has been at the forefront of designing, manufacturing, and integrating cutting-edge solutions for the commercial vehicle space and beyond.


As pioneers in the development of robust IoT products and solutions, we believe in empowering technology innovators to establish meaningful connections with their customers and assets.


With a legacy that spans three generations of family leadership, Morey stands as a beacon of innovation, quality, and partnership uniquely positioned for growth through strategic partnerships in the Transportation, Construction, Aerospace, and Industrial industries.

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