Asset Trackers

GPS & Cellular Monitoring

Easily locate your assets anytime, anywhere and provide an extra layer of security that’s significantly more discreet than in-cab telematics.

Primary & Secondary Trackers

Morey Tracking Solutions

Battery Powered Trackers

Discreet Asset Tracking

The Slap-N-Track is highly configurable, allowing it to fit within any asset scenario. It provides periodic tracking, motion tracking and stolen asset tracking. The battery and SIM card are already installed, and the device is ready to be attached to your asset.

OBD-II Trackers

Plug and Play Tracker

Now available with the capability of Morey’s Enhanced OBD Library, the MCX101 and MCX1M1 is an easy-to-use OBD-II plug and play tracker that provides powerful accuracy and versatility in a simple package.

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