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Truck driver in Class 8 Vehicle

Driver Behavior Monitoring

Driver behavior monitoring leverages IoT technology to collect safety data in real time. This insight will allow managers to identify the best drivers, the worst drivers, and everyone in between. Keeping employees accountable for safe driving practices can greatly reduce the financial costs to your business, and equally as important, your reputation on the open road. In this article, we’ll dive into what driver behavior monitoring is, what is possible to monitor, and product suggestions for common use cases. Read on.

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Class 8 Vehicles and trailers loading at a warehouse.

Class A Pre-Trip Inspection Checklist

Before you take your Class A CDL pre-trip inspection, be sure to commit each section of this check list to memory. This comprehensive guide will go over everything you need to check on your Class A before setting out on the road.

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School bus on a congested city road

DRL: A Guide to Daytime Running Lamps

Although not a direct substitute for headlights or fog lights, daytime running lamps help make you more visible to other drivers. DRLs have been a standard feature in cars since the ’90s. Here we will look at where DRLs came from, their use cases, and current regulations

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Construction workers using IoT technology

Remote Vehicle Control: Features & Use Cases

People often assume that remote vehicle control solely means being able to shut it down or control the direction it drives, but it can do so much more than that. Read on to learn more about the features of remote vehicle control and its use cases.

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