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GEO Fencing: Features & Use Cases

Modern fleet management is constantly evolving, yet the ultimate goal remains the same – maximize efficiency while reducing costs. GPS is one of the most popular tools at a fleet manager’s disposal, and within equipment GPS there are newer pieces of technology are are often underutilized, such as geofencing. Geofencing has a wide range of applications that generate actionable insights that can drive fleet improvement. Read on to learn more!

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ADAS: A Guide to Advanced Driver Assist Systems

Sometimes, we humans can use some extra assistance. ADAS systems are making the roads a safer place for everyone. Leveraging this technology in your business means a safer and more efficient fleet. In this guide, we review how these technologies work and 35 of the most common systems available today.

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A Guide to the FMCSA’s HOS Mandate

For fleet operators, understanding the latest FMCSA regulations related to driving time and driver rest periods is a core component of effective fleet management. Read on to explore the specifics of the FMSCA’s Hours of Service (HOS) Mandate and how fleet operators can remain compliant.

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Class A Pre-Trip Inspection Checklist

Before you take your Class A CDL pre-trip inspection, be sure to commit each section of this check list to memory. This comprehensive guide will go over everything you need to check on your Class A before setting out on the road.

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