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JJ Keller

Wireless Compliance Application

How does a transportation compliance leader gain a competitive market advantage by fielding a proprietary electronic Hours-of-Service application?

They foresee the demand…
Realizing the soon-to-come government ELD Final Rule would completely change the way the trucking industry reports hours-of-service, JJ Keller made the strategic decision to jump ahead of the inevitable federal changes and take steps to deploy their own electronic logging devices (ELD). They wanted a product that was small in size, able to track travel hours, driver break times and capable of connecting to wireless networks via Bluetooth enablement, filtering data into customer-facing application systems.

They partner with Morey for design, manufacturing and fulfillment services…
JJ Keller ran into problems with the original make and build of their logging device. For starters, the product was bulky in size and unattractive in appearance. It also lacked Bluetooth connectivity for wireless communication. Vetting out new manufacturers, they teamed up with Morey—looking to leverage our extensive wireless technology integration expertise as well as manufacturing and fulfilment capabilities. We went to work quickly, collaborating with the client to design a new and more robust device. Starting from the ground up, we outfitted the build with tracking technology that would be gathered from the vehicle port by the device itself, transmitting the information through integrated Bluetooth enablement. Once transmitted, the data would then be populated into the application system, interfacing with Android mobile devices. Taking it just one step further to promote a complete user experience, we built USB technology into the device, allowing law enforcement officials to easily pull data from the hardware.

They deploy more than 30,000 units of their new, exclusive electronic logging device…
JJ Keller has deployed more than 30,000 units to date with future projections of 200,000 units deployed globally each year. They were also an early adopter of electronic logging systems, which gave them a competitive market advantage.

Electronic Logging Device

Services Provided:
Design Engineering, In-House Manufacturing, Testing & Certification, Wireless Technology Integration

Wireless, BLE, Cellular, CAN-enabled power, USB