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A Legacy of Innovation for Good

Driver Authentication: Features & Use Cases

Over the past few years, driver authentication has become a lynchpin of smart connected fleets and jobsites. Visibility on who is operating equipment, their driving habits, and more can greatly impact your fleet’s ability to implement change, improve safety, and streamline how you manage your fleet. Read on to learn more!

Driver Authentication: Features & Use Cases

Many telematics companies will tell you that data is the driving force of modern fleet management. Fleet data has unlimited potential, but it increases in value when you can quickly and accurately connect data points to the appropriate driver. 


Over the past few years, driver authentication has become a lynchpin of smart connected fleets and jobsites. Visibility on who is operating equipment, their driving habits, and more can greatly impact your fleet’s ability to implement change, improve safety, and streamline how you manage your fleet.


Improving Fleet Management With Driver Identification

Do you remember the old G.I. Joe slogan “knowing is half the battle?” Driver identification unlocks the first half of the fleet management picture. It opens the door for deeper insights and improved decision making in several areas including the following.



When it comes to safety, fleets must get granular and driver identification allows you to see trends and information on a driver by driver level. Real-time driver data provides the ability for fleet managers to coach based on triggered events such as distracted driving, harsh braking or cornering, speeding, and more.

Data can be then be leveraged to create individual driver scorecards, or can be scaled up to identify fleetwide trends that need to be addressed and progress can be tracked with pinpoint accuracy.



Regardless the type of fleet you operate compliance is a constant concern. Electronic logging devices(ELDs) have made compliance pieces, such as managing hours of service, easier but they are note entirely foolproof. Hardware or software malfunctions can happen at any time, on-duty hours can be manipulated, and more.

With driver authentication tools in place, you can add an extra layer of compliance security to the equation. This is particularly important for shared fleet vehicles as violations can result in operators being fined or put out of service. 


Asset Management

Every trip matters, and being able to associate the correct driver in the event of an accident, or if the vehicle is damaged, is essential. Driver identification, through the use of RFID, removes any doubt about who is operating each vehicle in the fleet at any given time.


Access is controlled through integrated telematics solutions to streamline the management process. Driver-focused insights are then provided in real-time or through scheduled reporting based on each fleet’s preference.


Driver Authentication With Using RFID

Whether you are running a fleet of OTR trucks or managing a construction site, Morey’s suite of driver identification tools are configurable solutions that can seamlessly integrate and help you improve fleet management.


Radio Frequency Identifcation(RFID) is at the center of the Morey driver authentication process. Safe and secure, the process is very simple for both fleet managers and the drivers themselves.


Step 1: Passive transponders, such as cards or tags, are provided for each driver in the fleet.

Step 2: RFID readers, such as iButtons, are hardwired into each fleet vehicle.

Step 3: Drivers simply scan their card or tag after the vehicle is started.

Step 4: Data from the vehicle is shared with the telematics platform and associated driver file.

Step 5: Fleet managers and drivers get real-time alerts and insights to improve.


RFID Data Security

Safety and data security is alway a concern, and RFID are generally considered one of the safest wireless communication tools available to fleets. Cards transmit specific information and unique codes to your backend system. This only occurs when prompted by the reader installed in the fleet vehicle. Additionally, passive RFID tags have a much shorter range than active systems, reducing the likelihood of information theft.


Should a card or tag become lost, or an employee leave, simply deactivate from the backend system to remain in control of fleet assets.


Simplify Driver Authentication

Driver authentication improves visibility and creates a path for fleet improvement. Tools like RFID and iButton technology are easy to implement and can provide an instant return on investment regardless of fleet size. To learn more about Morey’s driver authentication tools and technology visit our website, or schedule your demo today.

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