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M2M Machine Monitoring

How did a heavy construction and agriculture equipment OEM create a device that would remotely monitor machine performance and reduce long-term maintenance costs?

They developed a proactive plan to monitor their equipment…
Caterpillar was in need of a solution that would help them monitor fuel usage, equipment utilization and move from reactive to proactive machine maintenance. The project would allow them to help their customers ensure optimal performance throughout the life of their equipment, as well as save time and money through reduced machinery downtime, which could result in days of lost productivity.

They put their plan to work with the help of Morey experts…
As a partner to Caterpillar for more than 30 years, we understood the robust product specifications and reliability demands of the product. We also had the wireless technology expertise needed to design their system. The device needed to integrate and communicate with all of the wireless sensors on the machine. With this in mind, we decided that a controller area network (CAN) transceiver operating through Bluetooth low energy (BLE) technology would be the best solutions approach. The transceiver would use a two-way data bus to communicate with sensors and control modules on the equipment to transmit data from the sending agent. With BLE being a close-field communications system, the machinery would be able to function as expected, free of the threat of interfering with other radio frequencies.

They were put in a position to successfully deploy their new product…
The product was introduced to production in 2016 and has sold hundreds of thousands of units to-date. Recently, Morey successfully rolled out an updated product redesign.

BLE CAN Transceiver

Services Provided:
In-House Manufacturing, Testing & Certification, Technology Integration

BLE, CAN Network, Machine Sensor, Maintenance Prognostics System