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February 14, 2017
Victor Ortega: Pushing Prototypes to Market


Engineering Lab Technician Victor Ortega is no stranger to the halls of Morey. He’s been a member of the team for the past nine years and started out in on the production floor, troubleshooting and repairing products that got returned from the field.


Now working in the Innovation Center, the area that houses Morey’s specialized engineering teams, Victor says that instead of repairing on finished products … he’s helping to build them from the ground up.


“Working in the engineering department, I’m now part of the prototyping process,” says Victor. Creating a prototype that functions properly and can go to production can be quite an extensive process that involves several modifications and iterations. If a prototype fails testing, adjustments need to be made. Whether it’s a faulty resistor, a piece fell off or a crack in the board, my job is to incorporate any modifications needed and get it back to the engineers so it can be tested again … and hopefully pass.”


While Victor tends to work mostly with the engineers, he oftentimes finds he can better move this process along by speaking with the customer directly.


“It’s not required of me to interface directly with a customer but it’s something I like to do,” says Victor. “If a project is complex in nature, it’s better for me to hear what the customer wants out of their own mouth. It gives better context and scope to the product, and I can act on behalf of the customer at a faster, more efficient pace and make judgement calls that I may not have felt confident making before.”


And at the heart of his job, Victor says his greatest joy comes from the opportunity to continuously innovate new products or processes.


“The team may come in and say ‘can you make this harness or re-wire this component.’ They have a vision, I make it and they love it. But as I make three, four, five of them, I discover that I can make this better, I can make it simpler or keener. That’s what I love most about my job at Morey: Everyday, I’m innovating.”


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