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February 20, 2017
Tom O’Donnell: The Art of Design Engineering

For Senior Design Engineer Tom O’Donnell, engineering is a creative game of fast-paced design and development. It’s all in an effort to make it to that crowning moment when he’s able to see a product he designed … make it out the door and into the hands of the customer.


“The absolute best part of my job is when I look out the window and see a semi-truck drive away full of products I designed,” said Tom. “It’s the pinnacle of my day and what I work hard for. It’s an amazing feeling to see your stuff go into production and eventually get shipped out into the world.”


Tom has been a member of Morey’s in-house team of engineers for the past 13 years. Ironically, his start at Morey came from being one of those customers to receive a product shipped from Morey.


“I first came into contact with Morey in 1997,” said Tom. “I chose the company to build two telematics displays for my Advanced Farming Systems products. We worked together for five years before the processor in the displays was discontinued, that’s when I joined the team to lead redesign efforts and support display manufacturing. I continued to lead redesigns for more than 10 years as components faced obsolescence. It proved to be a very rewarding and successful program.”


Tom has worked on a variety of products over the years at Morey and says he makes it his business to understand exactly what the customer wants and needs, even if they don’t know they need it yet.


“A lot of times when products aren’t successful, it’s because no one has asked the right questions to get down to the reality of what it is we’re trying to do,” says Tom.


His approach to design engineering starts with a complete understanding of the product spec. It’s the beginning step to an engineering journey that could prove to be lengthy, depending on the level of complexity.


“It’s my job to ‘beat the spec up’ and get to the bottom of what it is we’re really trying to accomplish here,” said Tom. “I’m looking for any issues or breakdowns that could stall us, and I’m also looking to make sure that the final spec is in line with the desired budget. That’s what an effective engineer strives to do – merge the customer’s desires with the budget they’ve set, and introduce a new product to the world.”



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