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Alan Mindlin Technical Manager

Fast Facts:

  • Received a BSEE and MBA from Washington University in St. Louis and an MSEE from Purdue University
  • Designed and manufactured laboratory equipment in his apartment to pay for living expenses during his MBA program
  • Spent 10 years working in Japan selling and delivering large telecommunications systems


Meet Technical Manager Alan Mindlin. Alan brings nearly 40 years of engineering expertise to the table with a stint in helping hardware startups to get going with first steps to growing their business. Working for a number of globally recognized companies such as AT&T, Lucent and Bell Labs, Alan has had a diverse career utilizing his engineering skills to drive projects that design and deliver high volume products for clients and their customers. These projects include aftermarket automotive air conditioner thermostats, telephone line cards that interface between wired phones and the phone companies, an asset tracker and a personal safety device with a cellular modem. When it comes to supporting overall financial goals, Alan has leveraged his deep business knowledge and experiences to assist a Fortune 500 company with M&A, in managing the first global delivery of equipment meeting the ETSI V5.2 telecom interface standard, priced a $100 million hardware and software contract to the largest phone company in Japan, and later negotiating a $40 million upgrade on the same contract. Throughout his career, Alan’s professional contributions to various teams and companies have garnered more than $250 million in new business revenue.



Always thinking from an entrepreneurial standpoint, Alan enjoys being able to focus on meeting with Morey customers during the beginning development stages of their product solutions. Serving as the liaison between these customers and Morey’s in-house design teams, Alan works to remove roadblocks that may hinder a project’s progress and solicit feedback to implement improvements to fully satisfy the needs of the customer.


Alan’s Engineering Philosophy:

When working with clients, it’s important to favor practicality and business-sense. Besides just looking at the requirements, engineers should ask why those are the requirements. What does the market demand for price, schedule, and quality? We should strive to minimize complexity, maximize value to the end-customer, and simplify the design while improving manufacturability, testability, reliability, repairability and all the other characteristics that differentiate a good product from a great solution.