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Morey IoT: Connecting the Internet of Things

M2M devices for IoT solutions

The Internet of Things movement offers a way to edge out the competition and respond to end-user demand through faster innovation, communication and decision making. It also promises these advantages at a lower price tag.  MoreyIoT combines years of telematics and hardware expertise to deliver wireless device solutions to companies developing connected products, creating asset management platforms and implementing IoT technologies.


Our custom and custom-off-the-shelf devices support M2M gateways, connecting the field and the cloud by collecting, storing and interpreting data for numerous business applications. With an industry leading warranty and proven wireless technologies, Morey brings reliable and flexible hardware options to the table.

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  • Smart, Reliable Edge Devices
    Our specialization in high-reliability devices reduces costly field returns and repairs.


  • Speed to Market
    Our flexible technologies are tested and certified to get you to market faster.


  • Engineering + Manufacturing
    We can lead, support or supplement any part of the product development process.
  • Enterprise-Class Technology
    Full spectrum of solutions with scalability and security in mind.


  • Industry Leading Warranty
    Minimum three years with flexible extensions and programs.


  • Competitive Total Cost
    US manufacturing reduces risk, coordination and quality challenges for domestic and global programs.

Our solutions provide wireless enablement at the manufacturing level, in enterprise environments and for after-market applications. We partner with leading connectivity, platform and ecosystem partners to deliver devices at the edge and value to your core business.


Telematics Product Solutions

The Morey Connect series of telematics products is a total mixed-fleet solution providing fleet management, asset tracking and business logistics solutions for both powered & non-powered assets. With built-in global communication protocols flexible integration options; built-in reliability for the harshest of applications; and support from the enterprise to the field, these devices combine the best proven technology with customizable features for affordable, functional solutions.

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Purpose-Built Edge Devices

Our combined engineering and manufacturing expertise in the wireless industry makes Morey the go-to resource for enterprises, OEMs, connectivity players, platform companies and product designers when seeking intelligent edge devices needs as part of a larger IoT solution.

Existing, tested technology combined with thoughtful, purpose-driven design results in custom solutions specific to the intended application, lifecycle, security and environmental demands.



The speed of change in the IoT space demands flexible solutions.

To avoid obsolescence or disruption before you even get to market, Morey offers a Hardware-as-a-Service platform designed to help customers address timing, technology and financial hurdles while maintaining a high level of flexibility through a future-proofed strategy.


Integrated Business Services

Beyond the Build

For customers desiring a low-touch hardware program, Morey offers Integrated Business Services to get you to market faster:


  • Asset tracking
  • Fleet management
  • Medical and mHealth
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Agricultural monitoring
  • Industrial systems
  • Construction management
  • Connected products
  • Smart utilities/smart city


  • Vehicle tracking & diagnostics
  • Vehicle CAN-based diagnostics
  • Battery & Vehicle powered
  • Solar – to – Battery
  • Ruggedized Packaging
  • Start/stop motion determination, speed, tow mode, time on/off, vehicle run time
  • Least cost routing (wifi, cellular, satellite)
  • Onboard recording
  • Bluetooth integrations (handset integration)
  • APP driven data monitoring
  • Protocol driven application development
  • Battery life fuel gauge
  • Vehicle fuel usage
  • Geofencing (ex: construction site entrance/exit)
  • High value asset tracking
  • Indoor cellular/GPS assist based tracking (offender tracking)

The market is changing daily, and our M2M and wireless experts are in the know on the latest and greatest communication platforms for your product and application demands, location, conditions and price point.

  • Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n
  • ZigBee 802.15.4
  • GNSS
  • Cellular
    • CDMA
    • GSM
    • LTE
  • Satellite
  • Bluetooth, +BLE
  • NFC
  • Embedded RF

M2M solutions are often complex, and involve multiple players to bring customer projects, products and processes online. Our motto is to do what we do well – design, build and deploy wireless devices – and help our customers develop high-performance solutions.

Depending on the task at hand, our experts are often part of a team collaborating with the customer to deliver results. This requires building relationships and sharing strategy with partner organizations in the following areas:

  • Connectivity Partners
  • Application Enablement Platforms
  • Ecosystem Providers

In addition to our device expertise, these relationships allow us to provide customers a comprehensive M2M solution including business process analysis; M2M system architecture consulting; technology selection and integration; interface design and development; as well as back-end infrastructure and platform integration.

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Morey Markets

Dynamic & Demanding Industries

Our pedigree is built upon nearly a century of producing electronics components and systems that cannot fail. Early success building radio test sets for the US Military during WWII set the course for Morey embracing programs with a mission-critical nature, and the tools, resources and technology necessary to bring them online.


Our decades of specialization in high-reliability electronics provide customers with the expertise, knowledge and support needed to overcome design and manufacturing obstacles, and produce profitable solutions to their program needs.


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