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MoreyEMS: Total Electronics Solution for OEMs and Suppliers

Solving the daily challenges for OEMs and tier one suppliers.

Game changing technologies arrive on the scene daily. The question is not if they are valuable, but how to realize their value in the market before the next person does.


MoreyEMS is a solution group specializing in solving program challenges for OEMs and tier one suppliers who work in dynamic, demanding markets. We arrange our design, manufacturing and lifecycle solutions to help you convert innovation to value first.


With nearly a century of electronics manufacturing expertise, Morey converts OEM innovation into valuable market solutions through improved design velocity, life-cycle sustainment planning and flexible manufacturing strategies that can scale from 10 to 10 million.

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  • Design-to-Production Velocity
    Decades of OEM electronics program experience advance your designs into production quickly through targeted engineering and executable manufacturing strategies.


  • Highly Flexible Manufacturing
    We embrace high-mix programs of various volumes, designed to deliver and support electronics components, systems or finished products with long life cycles.


  • Uncompromised Quality
    Our specialization in dynamic and demanding industries requires that we achieve and maintain leading industry quality systems, regulatory and compliance standards and specific OEM quality standards.
  • Full-Service Business Solutions
    In addition to comprehensive design and manufacturing services, Morey offers customers in-house planning, sourcing, testing and logistics solutions.


  • Outsourced Electronics Expertise
    Partner with Morey and strengthen your internal resources. Our electronics experts can support your current and future programs as needed, at any development stage.


  • Life-Cycle Sustainment Specialists
    We regularly support products with 10 to 30-year service expectations, and can help you plan for component obsolescence and product redesign.

Extend your Engineering Resources

Whether your team wants to shorten product design timelines, advance core technologies or support end-of-life systems, Morey can step in and help you accomplish the task at hand. Our partnership with OEM engineering teams allows our customers to focus on innovation and product development.

As an extension as your design engineering team, Morey offers the proven engineering, manufacturing and business solutions to bring your innovation to industry.

  • Design-to-Production Velocity
  • Program Cost Reduction Analysis
  • Product-to-Platform Realization
  • Technology Roadmap Support
  • Product Design
  • Real-Time Firmware Updates (redesign, production or aftermarket phases)
  • Sustainment Engineering
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Real-Time, Design Phase Life Testing
  • Iterative Design Validation
  • Technology Reuse
  • Product Refresh Planning
  • Manufacturing Strategies
  • Electronics Manufacturing
  • Compliance & Certification
  • DV/PV Resources (Thermotron, HALT chamber, custom testing and pre-validation services)

The Business Behind the Build

We recognize and appreciate the investment our customers make in our capabilities, and the results they expect in return. To protect this investment and deliver successful builds, Morey offers extensive business solutions that help customers anticipate market demand, meet regulatory requirements, manage product costs and win new business.

To meet the sophisticated sourcing requirements of today’s OEMs and suppliers, Morey maintains an entire ecosystem of professionals and processes that provide support functions related to procurement, cost analysis, product testing and inventory management.

  • BOM Review
  • Electrical and Mechanical Procurement
  • Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Analysis
  • Demand Planning
  • Factory Cost Analysis
  • Life-Cycle Analysis
  • Component Traceability
  • Electronics Manufacturing
  • Quality Services
  • Inventory Strategies
  • Fulfillment & Logistics

As electronics evolve to support the latest and greatest technologies, so do the technologies we build and support. Most of the components and systems we build for OEM customers fall into one of the following technology types:


Morey has met the needs of dynamic, demanding industry manufacturers for almost a century. To do this, we maintain the highest regulatory and industry standards.


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