Refreshed Look, Refined Vision

By Noel Birkey

Today marks the beginning of a new chapter in the 86-year history of Morey as we officially launch our new brand identity. It comes as no surprise that after eight decades of experience serving some of the most dynamic industries through transformative technology solutions—we have learned the necessity of continual innovation in a rapidly evolving world. Recently, though, we took a step back to consider our journey and realized that our brand did not accurately reflect or articulate the shared vision, mission and values we have come to hold as a company; or the range of solutions we offer.

Morey has always been led by the belief that truly great technology doesn’t just benefit its creators or users, but the world. To that end, we teamed up with the skilled creative team at Rule29 to fashion a refreshed brand identity that honors our legacy but also communicates our refocused vision: Bringing connection to life for our partners in order to leave a legacy of innovation for good. The individual pieces in our new logomark collaborate to construct the Morey “M”, symbolizing strategic partnerships that work together to create smart, connected solutions. Bold and defined, the entire brand—both in form and function—embodies the trust, integrity and responsibility that Morey has come to represent.

While our identity may appear a bit different, our promise to our partners remains unchanged. We are committed to realizing your innovative aspirations through connected technology, and we’ll continue to provide the same world-class quality and service that have been the hallmark of our work since the very beginning. 

To the next 86 years and beyond; we’re ready.

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