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March 22, 2018
Morey Participates in 4th Annual STEM Discovery Night

In recent years, Pi Day (3/14) has come to represent much more to the Morey Corporation than simply a celebration of a mathematical constant. For three years running, Morey has had the privilege of participating in Meadow Glen Elementary School’s annual STEM Discovery Night (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) located in nearby Naperville. The event attracts several hundred children and parents annually, offering them the chance to investigate future educational and career paths in these fields. Morey was represented this year by Technical Manager Alan Mindlin, Software Engineering Department Head Nick Carter and Senior Design Engineer Mike Podgorny.


With a variety of items on display at the Morey table, kids and their parents were able to touch and feel many of the solutions that TMC has engineered and built in-house, from boards to finished product. And Morey’s newest fleet telematics offering—the MC-4—drew special interest. “Although kids did not immediately associate with the MC-4, when it was explained as being just like a smart phone with no screen on one application, they could understand. We could point out the cell modem, GPS, and Bluetooth and they could clearly visualize what it does,” noted Mindlin. Parents and children alike were amazed at the tiny componentry on display and descriptions of board manufacturing in Morey’s facility. Many were surprised to learn there was an electronics manufacturer just a short drive away in Woodridge.


Morey was joined by a plethora of other local companies and organizations including the Naperville Police Department, Argonne, the Society of Women Engineers, DuPage County’s Amateur Radio Emergency Services, and a number of area robotics clubs. Overall, participating in STEM Night is a true honor—and offers a unique opportunity for Morey to inform, educate, and inspire the local community and the next generation of talented young men and women.


More information and coverage on the 2018 STEM Discovery Night can be found via Naperville Community Television (NCTV) and District 203.