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October 19, 2017
Morey Employee ‘Sparks’ Company-Wide Relief Effort for Mexico Earthquake Victims

WOODRIDGE, Illinois – October 19, 2017 – After two powerful earthquakes shook Mexico this past September, killing hundreds and causing mass devastation that affected thousands more, Morey employee Veronica Sparks knew she needed to do something. “Talking with my friends from Mexico one Saturday night, they were telling me how tired they were after a long day helping out some of the people that lost everything after the earthquakes,” she recalls. “During the conversation they were telling me how food was getting there but was being dosed to make it last as much as possible and for it to reach more people…They were explaining how people had lost everything, people were sleeping on the streets. At that point the question on my mind was ‘How can I help?’”


Morey Employee Veronica Sparks

Sparks, a Quality Auditor in Morey’s CAT 10G segment and 7+ year employee, realized that many of the victims’ basic needs were being met. But something missing stuck out to her: “Clothes, blankets, food, water…but no mention about shoes. So I asked ‘Can I help by sending shoes?’ Everybody has extra pairs of shoes at home or many pairs they can’t use…for any [number of] reasons.” Eager to find an avenue for engaging friends and employees in the relief effort without asking them to spend money, she brought the idea to Morey’s HR department and COO George Whittier.


The response? “That’s a great idea!” The Morey Corporation not only gave their full blessing and support to Veronica’s plan, but also offered to cover all shipping costs for transport of the shoes to Mexico. During the following week, Morey employees were encouraged to bring unused pairs of shoes and drop them off in a designated donation area, where they were then sorted and classified. The result? Six-hundred and sixty-three pairs of shoes were donated in just over one week. “As the Mexican saying goes, ‘There isn’t small help’” says Sparks. “I am sure that giving a pair of shoes to a kid or an elder person [will] bring a smile to their face, which is great for their morale during these difficult times.” The shoes were donated to Mexico chapters of the Boy Scouts Association, Rotary Club, and Graduates from CCH, who will oversee their distribution.


Boxes of donated shoes wait to be loaded and shipped.

Despite the overwhelming support, Sparks knows that the situation in Mexico will not simply disappear after a few weeks. Relief efforts are ongoing, and the effects of the earthquakes will be felt for years to come. “We have to keep in mind there are thousands of families with no place to sleep. Families that lost everything. It is hard for me to say exactly what [they need] because they are in need of everything. The only thing we can’t do is forget about them. How? [By] sharing a little of what we have. We don’t have to spend a penny, we just have to open our heart and our closet and it’s there…a simple way to help.” Thanks to Sparks’ compassion–and support from The Morey Corporation–her simple idea turned into a huge success. “I feel very proud to work at Morey,” says Sparks. “It’s a company with big-hearted people.”