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June 8, 2016
Matt Schumacher: The Art of Program Progression

With 14 years under his belt as a professional problem solver, Senior Program Manager Matt Schumacher is a Morey veteran that knows how to keep customer programs moving forward.  


Matt describes his job simply:


“I give the customer what they need, how they need it and when they need it.”


Starting out as a production floor technician in the early 2000s, Matt earned his engineering degree and was promoted to the project engineering department, where he oversaw tasks such as customer documentation, manufacturing process setup and testing. Matt eventually became a member of the Program Management team, using his early production floor experience and project engineering work to help him better understand program mechanics and requirements.


“Every customer and every product has challenges,” says Matt. “At Morey, we have a system in place that is proven to work, but you can never completely escape the unique exceptions that come up…and there are always exceptions. No customer can be put in a defined box, so as a program manager, I’m constantly looking out for those unique cases.”


Whether it be a test build, purchasing need or general question from the customer, Matt uses the art of relationship building and problem solving to navigate his way around the ever-present element of unpredictability that comes with each day.
“It’s a matter of having a relationship of trust with the customer and also having the necessary relationships with my Morey coworkers to keep things moving,” says Matt. “Some customers may need me to put on my engineering hat one day and my manufacturing hat on another. I’m involved with every facet of their program, therefore I’m obligated to work with every department at Morey to keep things on track. I look at myself as the liaison that connects the customer’s true needs with Morey’s promised capabilities.”