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Wireless Devices

M2M Devices for IoT Solutions

Hardware Experts for Wireless Integration

Through the design and development of the Morey Connect series of telematics devices, we have earned a reputation as a leading edge device solutions provider, particularly in the high-reliability markets. Critical to the development of any integrated wireless system is the technical hardware relied on to enable M2M communication, system performance, end-user operations or data delivery and diagnostics.


Morey brings enterprise-level solutions to OEMs, after-market suppliers and communication service providers ranging from award-winning telematics products, purpose-build edge devices and the commercialization of new and evolving wireless electronics through our M2M Solutions Group.




  • Wireless Modules:
    • WAN: Cellular (GSM, CDMA) and satellite (iridium, orbcomm, globalstar, inmarsat)
    • LAN: Ethernet, wifi, Bluetooth, ble, zigbee, RF
  • Communication Interfaces:
    • Modbus
    • Industrial systems
    • Proprietary communication protocols
  • System Integration:
    • Handsets
    • Tablets
    • Smart Phones
    • Web (GUI)





  • Wireless Integration
  • IoT Platforms and Systems
  • Fleet Management Solutions
  • High-Value Asset Tracking
  • Medical Monitoring Devices
  • Connected Car




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Morey Markets

Dynamic & Demanding Industries

Our pedigree is built upon nearly a century of producing electronics components and systems that cannot fail. Early success building radio test sets for the US Military during WWII set the course for Morey embracing programs with a mission-critical nature, and the tools, resources and technology necessary to bring them online.

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