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Wiring Harnesses

In-House & High-Quality

Making Connections

To ensure productive, lasting connections between electronic components and systems, Morey invested in wire harness manufacturing capabilities to produce a wide mix of cables, multi-conductor cables and wire harnesses. The combination of highly skilled technicians and industry leading technology produces durable, tested solutions with custom designs for your unique needs.



  • Manufacturing Flexibility: Variety of wire types, thickness, configurations, and length in mixed volumes
  • Terminations: variety of crimp and seal; twist and tin; double crimped and specialty options
  • Twisting: High-speed, semi automatic twisting system for a variety of sizes and lengths of twisted wire pairs
  • Overmolding: Strain relief; bouquet or molded; custom features
  • Overbraiding: High-quality protection; strain relief
  • Finishing: Coding, printing, marking, white label options
  • Micro Coaxial: Specialization in RG-174, RG-178, RG-316, MMCX Connectors and SMA Connectors



  • Schleuniger CrimpCenter 67
  • Schleuniger CoaxStrip 5400
  • Komax Wire bt 188T/bt288
  • Mold-Man 8000


Quality Systems

  • Crimp Height Measurement – acceptable results required before production
  • Pull Force Testing – acceptable results required before production
  • Crimp Force Monitoring – continuous quality analysis of each crimp
  • UL Standard and Higher – UL as minimum standard; can produce to Military standards, etc.

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Our pedigree is built upon nearly a century of producing electronics components and systems that cannot fail. Early success building radio test sets for the US Military during WWII set the course for Morey embracing programs with a mission-critical nature, and the tools, resources and technology necessary to bring them online.

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