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Smart Power Electronics

Less Power, More Value

Proven Smart-Power Solutions

Investing in smart power electronics represents immediate upgrades in energy conservation, reliability, system capabilities and equipment lifespan, as well as long-term reductions in replacement parts, maintenance, failure rates and equipment investments. A real win-win, huh?


Morey leads the high-reliability and heavy equipment markets in power electronics and distribution solutions, delivering components used under the most demanding and diverse of conditions. With expertise in solid state electronics, CAN communication and high-mix manufacturing, Morey brings the benefits of durable, proven smart power electronics to your business.



  • Wide voltage range: logic level (5-15v) to high-power (600v)
  • Low, medium and high power electronics capabilities : milliamps to 600 amps
  • Power electronics board design and manufacturing
  • Solidstate controls and distribution
  • Hybrid power
  • Power supply/drivers
  • Power distribution modules
    • Contactor control
    • Device control
    • H-Bridge
    • Smart lighting controller
    • System power master
    • Switched fuse



  • AC/DC Power Inverters – in-house testing, procurement and manufacturing expertise
  • DC/DC Power Converter – in-house testing, procurement and manufacturing expertise
  • Drive Train Controllers – up to 600v/600amps
  • Vehicle Lighting – Control for up to 10 unique devices with commercial and military applications. CAN bus capable, J1939, SAE standards
  • Commercial and Industrial LED Lighting: Power drivers and distribution modules from micro inverters to industrial scale
  • Vehicle Cooling Systems – Automotive, commercial and military applications
  • Hybrid Conversion – Electric water pumps, auxiliary power units, etc

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Our pedigree is built upon nearly a century of producing electronics components and systems that cannot fail. Early success building radio test sets for the US Military during WWII set the course for Morey embracing programs with a mission-critical nature, and the tools, resources and technology necessary to bring them online.

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