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Enabling High-Tech Environments

We design and build electronics to help you gain greater efficiencies

For customers in the industrial controls, processing and equipment fields, electronic assemblies are critical to providing quality system results. Smart manufacturing demands components wired for M2M compatibility, built to industrial quality standards and designed to meet your unique industrial application.


Morey supports industrial clients through the delivery of embedded, high-reliability electronics for manufactured product, as well as for processing facility operations. Our expertise serving demanding and dynamic markets translates into these environments where quality standards, regulatory compliance and durability drive results and protect employees and end users.





  • Manufactured FDA approved devices on behalf of leading medical device OEMs
  • Certified ISO 13485 manufacturer achieving the standards of medical device OEMs
  • Built back-up battery power supply boards for critical implantable medical devices
  • Experience with quality systems that demand extensive component lot traceability
  • Experience managing wireless electronic devices through numerous agency approvals and certifications
  • Experience designing, manufacturing and deploying wireless two-way communication devices
  • Experience designing, manufacturing and deploying displays and operator interfaces with embedded wireless capabilities
  • Decades of experience manufacturing and testing (In Circuit and End of Line) complex electronic assemblies

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Evolving Innovation

Our pedigree is built upon nearly a century of producing electronics components and systems for functions that cannot fail. Morey embraces programs with a mission-critical nature, and invests in the tools, resources and technology necessary to bring them online.


Regulatory Compliance

Managing project risk is critical to manufacturing success, but also to marketability and the success of our customers. In today’s global sourcing markets, advanced supply chain and highly regulated environments, understanding and adhering to quality standards, industry expectation and corporate best practices is a must. Morey operates at the highest standards levels to protect our customers and their end users.


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