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Design for Manufacturability

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To ensure effective, efficient product production, Morey has refined its pre-production or Design for Manufacturability (DFM) services. Whether involved in the initial design, or partnering with a customer to provide manufacturing services, Morey considers the component design elements for optimal production, manufacturing costs and material sourcing.


As a major part of our drive to help clients commercialize technologies, design for manufacturability efforts critically evaluate design elements such as throughput, automation and assembly. In the broader application, the team is also involved in impacting product costs, quality, marketability and delivery depending on the unique manufacturing case at hand.

A Bill of Materials (BOM) Scrub provides clients a pathway to minimize risk associated with materials, parts and technologies proposed for use in their product. Morey supports manufacturability, commercialization and life-cycle management through an extensive BOM scrub process for each project. Primary concerned with ensuring the compliance of materials and substances proposed for use, our comprehensive approach address four major areas:

  • Environmental Compliance
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Performance Specs
  • Life-Cycle Requirements
  • Board Design Status
  • Gerber Files Status
    • Board Layers
    • Drill File
    • Stack Up
    • Pick & Place
    • Stencil
    • ICT File (In-Circuit Only)
  • Preliminary DFM Review
    • Manufacturing Goal Review
    • Limitations Review
    • Visual Scan
  • Penalization
    • Throughput Review
    • Production Maximization
  • Size and Space Requirements
  • Material Review
    • Plastics
    • Die Casting
    • Sand Casting
    • Extruded
  • Sealing Requirements
    • Chemical: Glues, Potting, Sealants
    • Mechanical: Screws, Ultrasonic, Heat Staking, Harness/Assembly
  • Production Testing
    • Test Development
    • Cycle Time Analysis

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