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Reliable connections

High-quality, customized cabling and wire harnesses

Field failures of high-reliability electronics often lie in the electrical conductivity expected to connect and power various components. In an effort to extend product reliability to the larger system, Morey designs and manufactures custom electrical connectors from simple cables to complex wire harnesses. We can also source non-Morey product for specialty applications, and conduct testing activities to ensure high-quality electrical systems.

  • Manufacturing Flexibility: Variety of wire types, thickness, configurations, and length in mixed volumes
  • Terminations: variety of crimp and seal; twist and tin; double crimped and specialty options
  • Twisting: High-speed, semiautomatic twisting system for a variety of sizes and lengths of twisted wire pairs
  • Overmolding: Strain relief; bouquet or molded; custom features
  • Overbraiding: High-quality protection; strain relief
  • Finishing: Coding, printing, marking, white label options
  • Micro Coaxial: Specialization in RG-174, RG-178, RG-316, MMCX Connectors and SMA Connectors
  • Schleuniger CrimpCenter 67
  • Schleuniger CoaxStrip 5400
  • Komax Wire bt 188T/bt288
  • Mold-Man 8000
  • Crimp Height Measurement – acceptable results required before production
  • Pull Force Testing – acceptable results required before production
  • Crimp Force Monitoring – continuous quality analysis of each crimp
  • UL Standard and Higher – UL as minimum standard; can produce to Military standards, etc.

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