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Program Management

Stewards of Your Success

Our program management services extend the reach of your in-house team.

In an effort to drive a customer-centric program experience, Morey has expanded its in-house program management functions, providing dedicated leadership through the New Product Introduction (NPI) phase, and value engineering leadership as the program enters production and service phases. These combined efforts creates value-driven decisions early in the program and velocity to the design and manufacturing process, as well as continual efficiencies to the production and supply chain management process.


Dedicated account managers work with customers and program managers to ensure customer satisfaction, streamline communications and anticipate additional support resources.


In addition, Morey program management brings together our in-house engineering, manufacturing and sourcing professionals to deliver design velocity and high-quality results. Unlike third-party program management firms, they maintain daily relationships with their coworkers in the same building to deliver wins with mutual interest, instead of spending your money to scope, bid, qualify and select separate vendors to build your program. Which option sounds more cohesive and efficient to you?


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