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Life-Cycle Sustainment

Sustaining Your Electronics Life

Build with the end in mind

Within the larger life-cycle planning spectrum are the activities related to supporting and sustaining products through their intended life expectancies. For high-reliability components, this is a critical focus area, with design, maintenance and supply chain activities needing to extend to lifespans of 10-30 years. Through 10G, LLC, a joint venture between Morey and Caterpillar, life-cycle sustainment services are provided to help customers build and implement strategies in the following areas to ensure lasting resources to efficiently support electronics solutions:


Sustainment Planning

If we start with the end in mind, we focus on the outcome of this service: a planned approach to addressing designated sustainment requirements into a solution –┬áincluding design, development, evaluation, fielding and operations. Generally, this planning activity requires evaluation of the following areas:


  • Sustainability Metrics Development
  • Design Strategy
  • Supply Chain and Support Strategy
  • Product Support Strategy
  • Repair and Maintenance Strategy
  • Operating and Support Budgets
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Sustainment Plan Recommendations


Obsolescence Mitigation

Sometimes referred to as Diminishing Manufacturing Sources and Material Shortages (DMSMS), the Obsolescence Mitigation activities strive to minimize risk related to availability, cost and access to required parts within a component or system’s life cycle. Particular for military, OEM, medical and heavy equipment manufacturers, this means identifying solutions to ensure functionality for up to 30 years.


  • BOM Monitoring
  • Product Platform Consolidation
  • Last Time Buys
  • End-of-Life Builds
  • Regulatory & Compliance Consulting
  • Inventory Management
  • Repair & Refurbishment
  • Scrap Management


Service Life Extension

To extend the life and effectiveness of a legacy system, and increase investment returns, new technologies can be introduced into a design, manufacturing or maintenance process to improve overall performance. Increase results in ruggedization, safety, viability and total life-cycle costs can also be realized.


Morey’s approach to service life extension programs involves cost-effective alternatives that deliver technology insertion or reverse engineering solutions while maintaining effective configuration control.


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