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Field Support

Warranty & Return Programs

Commitment to performance

Extending product life-cycle

Once your products are designed, built and shipped, they now need to perform. As a partner concerned with your brand promise, we offer custom warranty and return programs for each program, as well as a variety of service options to address post-deployment repair and replacement strategies. Field support is offered both for Morey programs, as well as for non-Morey electronics that may be facing functional or end-of-life challenges.


Warranty and Returns

Morey provides some of the industry’s most robust warranty and service programs as a benefit to our program customers, and as a part of our commitment to be a performance-driven partner. Our repair and replacement service offerings are designed to extend the lifecycle of Morey products with minimal customer impact. For assistance with such matters, please email or contact your Morey representative.


Reman, Refurbish & Repair

As a business strategy and life-cycle management service, Morey provides services to remanufacture, refurbish and repair field supply, as well as the necessary fulfillment services.


  • Remanufacturing — Morey works with customers to evaluate how remanufacturing programs can achieve sustainability, operational and financial goals. Once a program is defined, Morey can salvage outdated, aging or failing parts, remanufacture them to identified standards, and stock/ship them as requested under the same warranty as the original units.


  • Refurbishing — We evaluate the components within a system that are impacting operation or have reached an age where replacement is necessary. Typically, spot replacements like this can improve an older product’s performance and lifespan. Original warranties are no longer honored.


  • Repairs — Product that has failed is repaired based on an approved schematic, and the same product is then returned to the user. Customer repair programs are developed based on their unique applications, use and support needs. If anything, a limited warranty is provided based on customer agreements.


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