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Demand Planning

Planning Makes Perfect

Putting the Focus on Business

Helping our customers anticipate demand surges

Our customers are busy, and we help them to focus on what matters to their core business by providing dynamic demand planning services to help them anticipate and ride demand surges at either end of the spectrum. Working with our customers, we can advise and manage your supply chain needs, and build a system based on demand data to get your product to the right people at the right time.


Our in-house planning department works with customers, and Morey’s supply chain professionals, in the new product, production, service and sunset product phases to maintain availability of parts and components at the volumes dictated by anticipated demand. We also provide data to customers to inform their business decisions, product modifications and new product development efforts.


Customers enjoy a variety of support options depending on their program needs and internal resources, business cycles and talent transitions. No matter the need, our team wraps itself around your business data to deliver just-in-time production in line with your forecasted demand.


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