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Advisory Services

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We enter projects at many different stages, depending on the specific services requested by our customer. No matter what phase of the product development cycle we are supporting, we know that if we can get involved and impact decision making upstream, we can drive value and avoid costly changes downstream. For this reason, Morey offers advisory services for new and existing customers seeking input related to the ultimate manufacturability of a product, component or system.


Often these services are part of a larger program; however, they can also be extended as stand-alone consulting services to educate and inform a customer team on feasibility, program financials, design engineering, bill-of-material development, manufacturability, certification requirements and post-production business solutions like demand planning, inventory management and logistics.


Another consulting area is total cost of ownership as it relates to manufacturing location and programs. Many customers who selected “low-cost country” manufacturing a decade ago have realized that the landed cost is significantly impacted by logistics, travel, customs, counterfeit parts and quality costs to the bottom line. Morey offers complimentary advisory services related to rethinking manufacturing strategies for North American electronics programs, as well as US-based teams looking for local manufacturing with global logistics capabilities.


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