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We Manufacture Success.

Morey is a partner that can meet your immediate need and grow with you in the market.

How do we best help our customers? By executing a successful manufacturing event. Every capability that we invest in exists to achieve this result, and ensure continued success for the life of the product. Depending on a customer’s business focus, resources and staff –¬†we employ services along planning, design, manufacturing and service phases to ensure successful builds and functional, safe products.


Our combined engineering, manufacturing and business services make Morey a partner that can meet your immediate need and grow with you in the market. It is our goal to simplify and streamline an often complex and challenging purchase by becoming your electronics manufacturing services partner.

Engineering Services

Turning Obstacles into Opportunity

Customers look to Morey to help them overcome business challenges. How do we add functionality to existing product designs? Add resources to protect our launch date? Design technology that anticipates and accommodates fast-changing technology? Bring it on. Morey’s team of design engineers, industry experts and application specialists turn potential obstacles into opportunities through proven design and development strategies.

Manufacturing Services

Perfecting the Process

As a high-reliability manufacturer, Morey has invested in high-performance facilities, systems and professionals to deliver successful production events for customers in the most demanding of industries. Our commitment to continual process improvement allows us to learn from each build, achieve industry leading quality standards and deliver dynamic products to the market.

Business Services

Extending your Capabilities

As regulatory, technology and market trends evolve, so do the services needed to design and build certified, high-reliability electronics. Over the decades, Morey has expanded its capabilities to accommodate this evolution, as well as the changing needs of customer teams looking to extend their talent and technology capabilities in the areas such as planning, sourcing, logistics and field support.

Case Studies

Showcasing Shared Success

We get excited when our solutions help to generate success for our customers. While many of our programs involve proprietary details and technology, our case studies are designed to show the many ways we can partner for customer success and competitive advantage.


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