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High-Tech Home

Morey's corporate campus ensures the best environment for quality work and innovation


Everything we do eventually leads to the production of high-quality electronics. Each day, hundreds of skilled professionals arrive to design, build, test and ship thousands of pieces for our diverse, global customer base.


To ensure the quality of our products, the success of our customers and the safety of our workforce, we invest in a 24/7 manufacturing environment inside our corporate campus in suburban Chicago. While we enjoy decades of community roots, our location and facilities offer strategic significance to our customers and partners:

Highly Accessible

Located in the Southwest Chicago suburbs, Morey is highly accessible for domestic and international travellers and transport. With two major airports connected to North America’s largest logistics and distribution hub, the region offers competitive transportation costs and options for materials, product delivery and business travel.


High-Tech Flex

Morey strives to meet the needs of customers that want flexibility of a small firm with the capabilities of a big guy. We get it, because we want that too. We strive to hit the balance of progressive technology and automation investments with traditional manufacturing practices, legacy knowledge and customer preferences. Our unique collection of quality, test and production technologies further our ability to focus on building the best program for your product.


Global Reach

As part of North America’s largest transportation and logistics hub, Morey leverages this network for cost-effective shipping and delivery programs. Morey’s in-house fulfillment and logistics teams receive, kit and ship product direct to customers, and their customers, to dozens of countries each day.


Innovation Center

Customers enjoy the ability to meet with program engineers and manufacturing teams while making site visits. The Morey Innovation Center is home to our design and engineering professionals, and offers customers a range of program support from pre-production review to complete product design services.

Building Partnerships

Full Spectrum Services

We have designed our company to build products that last, and relationships that flourish. Morey’s engineering, production and business services give customers access to any variety of resources that enable our partnership to grow as needs move with the market. Our full spectrum of solutions is also designed to help simplify and streamline an often complex and challenging process.


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