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Cord Reel , Handsets

Services Provided:

Engineering Expertise , Program Management , Testing, Validation & Certification , Technology Integration , Maintenance & Repair Support


Cord Reels & Handsets


New and improved cord reel design
Ability to meet aerospace requirements
In-house design, manufacturing and repair solution


Strategic Business Solutions to Meet Industry Standards

How does a global in-flight entertainment (IFE) solutions provider deliver on their high-quality brand promise?


They re-group to identify key failure points in their cord reel design…
Leaning on a promise for reliable and soundly built electronics for airline passengers, the IFE leader was falling short of that commitment with faulty cord reel components that posed safety hazards and was costing them money due to federal penalties. They also realized a solution to their issue would have to work around pre-existing patents on their current cord reel, making it that much more difficult to revamp the build without violating the patents.


They called Morey to build a reliable “drop-in replacement” solution for their IFE product…
Understanding that this project involved taking a fielded product design and fundamentally designing a new, unique solution, the team brought Morey onboard to assist with the endeavor. Knowing the client needed a “drop-in replacement” solution, we began refining its patented cord reel design to build a new, custom reel for the customer that was small enough to fit into the existing form factor, could support specified power and data rate requirements of USB technology and would operate in an inherently abusive application. Wanting to make sure the client didn’t fall victim to the same pitfalls, Morey then began ASTM testing to ensure the customer’s product was ready to survive in the market.


They realize success through superior design engineering and production manufacturing processes…
Leveraging the legacy, experience and technology of Morey, the IFE leader received a drop-in replacement that solved their problems and improved their product’s performance. As a Morey customer, they also gained a design and manufacturing provider that doubles as a dual-certified FAA/EASA repair center. This means they can send products directly to their manufacturer for routine maintenance and repair, saving them time and money while allowing them to quickly replace on-board units for their airline customers.

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