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From Startup to Tech Giant

How does a connectivity leader meet the ever increasing demands of becoming a global telematics service provider?

They acquire a fledgling startup…
In 2010, Diego Borrego introduced a startup called Networkfleet to Morey because we were known for impeccable quality. Borrego, who eventually became Morey’s CTO, would offer extended warranty terms to his customers—without having any from Morey—because our quality and reliability were so high. Networkfleet eventually became Hughes Telematics and was then acquired by Verizon.

They put their trust in Morey’s partner-oriented approach…
Verizon/Networkfleet needed impeccable quality and reliability, and Morey was attractive as a non-global manufacturer. But we even helped load up the components at their previous supplier to bring to Morey to begin the manufacturing process. The Verizon/Networkfleet Team also desired a collaborative partner with hardware design expertise to aid in developing future telematics solutions. Morey was willing to innovate alongside Verizon/Networkfleet by drop shipping to their end customers, reducing the storage space needed in their Southern California office.

They experience unprecedented long-term reliability…
All in all, Morey has served Verizon for close to a decade and shipped them nearly a million units. Morey also has achieved 99.8 percent on-time delivery for Verizon, largely because we field orders for them in twelve-hour increments. Later, Verizon wants to take it one level further and develop web ordering with automatic data transmission to their back end server to eliminate manual entry/upload of billing and device data.