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Indoor Tracking Solution

How did an electronics monitoring technology giant turn an obstacle into an opportunity by making the leap from an off-the-shelf product to a custom-designed and manufactured device?

They anticipated product obsolescence…
Omnilink rose to success with an off-the-shelf offender tracking device but was on the verge of losing the largest component of their business when their hardware supplier discontinued production. They knew they could never be in that position again, and sought out a commercialization partner to help them build their own solution. They selected Morey for our expertise in wireless devices and indoor, location-based technology.

They came to Morey to design and manufacture a unique, ruggedized tracking device that would promote two-way communication…
From the beginning, Morey understood that the success of the product hinged on the ability to pinpoint exact locations of offenders at all times. Turning visual sketches of the product into a blueprint for determining engineering requirements, Morey then paired that up with the make and build of the incumbent anklet device. The device was outfitted to provide data using GPS location technology, exclusive indoor tracking functionality and two-way communication enablement that would allow law enforcement to communicate with offenders through vibration and sound alerts. The product demands were daunting; it needed to withstand heavy shock and impact, extreme temperatures and water intrusion, all while being tamper-proof.

They deployed a best-selling offender tracking solution…
Omnilink’s new device is consistently a best-seller in the space with more than 40,000 units deployed for parole, probation and house arrest programs globally.

Offender Tracking Device

Services Provided:
Engineering Expertise, In-House Manufacturing, Testing & Certification

GPS, aGPS, Super-sensitive cellular communication, Tamper detection sensors, Long-life battery integration