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Herc Rentals

Single device solution for mixed fleet telematics

How did a full-line equipment rental leader meet their need for an all-in-one asset tracking platform?

They realized they couldn’t meet the challenge alone…
Herc Rentals—a premier equipment rental firm based in Bonita Springs, FL—made a strategic decision in 2013 to level up their telematics capabilities. Luckily, at the same time Morey had been developing the MC3, a continuation product from the MT13/MT15 product line.

Morey joined the team…
The MC3 offered a strategic advantage for Herc—a single device solution for the many different assets found on their rental yards. Morey was the first in the industry to offer this type of functionality in an aftermarket solution. The MC3 offered internal and external antenna options to meet the needs of both light- and heavy-duty vehicles and all assets in between. The installers Morey worked with said it was one of the easiest products to install on the market at that time.

50+ years of mechanical expertise + 85 years of electronics = Great Results
Morey’s ability to adapt to the changing landscape of increasingly electronically controlled assets and provide on-site development and support has kept them as the single source for all of Herc’s needs. Seven years later, Morey continues to ship Herc over 10,000 pieces a year.