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Heavy Equipment Life-Cycle Solutions

How did a global heavy equipment OEM tackle electronic obsolescence business challenges?

They identified their current and future needs…
Caterpillar was dealing with an electronics obsolescence issue on one of their common controller platforms. Approaching the end of the controller’s memory chip life-cycle, a “drop and replace” flash emulation solution was needed. The drop-in needed to preserve the data already gathered and be able to continue on with normal functionality of the system and machine as a whole.

They deployed the expertise of 10G, a life-cycle sustainment company…
Facing the troubling reality of having to deploy a unique memory chip and redesign the rest of the existing system, Caterpillar deployed the expertise of 10G, a life-cycle management company jointly owned by Morey. For first steps, the group established a forecast of the product’s demand, figuring out usage rates and when the “drop-in” flash emulator would need to be implemented. Next, with inventory forecasting under control and a “final buy” date nailed down, 10G began the process of developing the long term solution: A new flash emulator that could function exactly as the soon-to-be obsolete chip. They combined the functionality of the obsolete component into a printed circuit board solution, programming the circuit to simulate the memory chip. The product was then expeditiously tested, validated and green-lit for production.

They introduced a fully-functional flash emulator to production that supports the entire system…
Guiding the customer through the entire life-cycle management process, 10G was able to save Caterpillar time and money by reverse-engineering the current product. The team was also able to predict its usage course, plan out a short term last-time-buy solution and a longer term redesign. Caterpillar now has a fully-functional, tested, production-ready and deployable internal memory component.

Flash Emulator

Services Provided:
Demand Planning, Engineering Expertise, In-house Manufacturing, Design Expertise, Testing and Validation, Product Refresh Planning

Embedded Controllers , ASICs